Fraunhofer FIT




The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT develops market-oriented products to assist people in their activities. Fraunhofer FIT is further involved in over 85 national and international projects, conducting research to answer questions in various research areas. This allowed Fraunhofer FIT to establish expertise in many active areas of research, such as life sciences, user-centered computing, cooperation systems, risk management, and decision support. The application areas include, but are not limited to, the Internet of Things, health systems, and Industry 4.0. Additionally, Fraunhofer FIT is an integral part of the International Data Spaces Initiative.

The research group Data Protection and Sovereignty at Fraunhofer FIT conducts research on concepts and methods for
privacy-preserving handling of data under the lead of Dr. Benjamin Heitmann and Dr. Avikarsha Mandal. Their competences find use in SAPPAN, where Fraunhofer FIT deals with the anonymization of cybersecurity intelligence, the formalization of knowledge, and decision making for automated response and recovery actions. In addition to this, Fraunhofer FIT has taken the role of the project coordinator for SAPPAN.