CESNET, association of legal entities, was held in 1996 by universities of the Czech Republic and the Czech Academy of Sciences. Its main goals are operation and development of the Czech National and Research Educational Network, research and development of advanced network technologies and applications and broadening of the public knowledge about the advanced networking topics.

CESNET research background covers network monitoring, traffic analysis, attack mitigation, incident handling, security event sharing to digital forensics. CESNET operates CESNET-CERT with long-lasting cooperation with the CSIRT.CZ CZ (National CSIRT of the Czech Republic) and the Governmental CERT – GovCERT.CZ – operated by National Cyber and Information Security Agency of the Czech Republic.

CESNET role in the project is double fold – to develop fast processing tools and adapt sharing mechanisms to enable sharing of machine learning models as IOCs and incident handling playbooks, and its second role is to evaluate and demonstrate the developed results using relevant data and environments. CESNET expects by participating in the project that it will enhance its cybersecurity research and development agenda to be able to address cybersecurity challenges in a joint project with players of various competencies that are complementary to its expertise. Subsequently, to increase cybersecurity level for its connected organizations.