Name Authors Published In Download
Analyzing the Real-World Applicability of DGA Classifiers Arthur Drichel, Ulrike Meyer (RWTH)
Samuel Schüppen, Dominik Teubert (Siemens CERT)
Privacy Illusion: Beware of Unpadded DoH Karel Hynek (CESNET), Tomas Cejka (CESNET) IEMCON2020 PDF
Interpretable Visualizations of Deep Neural Networks for Domain Generation Algorithm Detection Franziska Becker, Arthur Drichel, Christoph Müller, Thomas Ertl (USTUTT) VizSec 2020 PDF
DoH Insight: Detecting DNS over HTTPS by Machine Learning Dmitrii Vekshin (FIT CTU), Karel Hynek (CESNET), Tomas Cejka (CESNET) CyberTIM 2020 PDF
Making Use of NXt to Nothing: The Effect of Class Imbalances on DGA Detection Classifiers Arthur Drichel, Ulrike Meye (RWTH)
Samuel Schüppen, Dominik Teubert (Siemens CERT)
CyberTIM 2020 PDF
Host Behavior in Computer Network: One-Year Study Tomas Jirsik (MU),
Petr Velan (MU)
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 2021 PDF
GRANEF: Utilization of a Graph Database for Network Forensics Milan Cermak (MU),
Denisa Sramkova (MU)
Towards Privacy-Preserving Sharing of Cyber Threat Intelligence for Effective Response and Recovery Lasse Nitz, Mehdi Akbari Gurabi, Avikarsha Mandal and Benjamin Heitmann (FIT) ERCIM NEWS 126 PDF
Finding Phish in a Haystack: A Pipeline for Phishing Classification on Certificate Transparency Logs Arthur Drichel (RWTH), Vincent Drury (RWTH), Justus von Brandt (RWTH), Ulrike Meyer (RWTH) IWCC 2021 PDF
First Step Towards EXPLAINable DGA Multiclass Classification Arthur Drichel (RWTH), Nils Faerber (RWTH), Ulrike Meyer (RWTH) ARES 2021 PDF
Sharing FANCI Features: A Privacy Analysis of Feature Extraction for DGA Detection Benedikt Holmes (RWTH), Arthur Drichel (RWTH), Ulrike Meyer (RWTH) CYBER 2021 PDF
The More, the Better? A Study on Collaborative Machine Learning for DGA Detection Arthur Drichel (RWTH), Benedikt Holmes (RWTH), Justus von Brandt (RWTH), Ulrike Meyer (RWTH) CYSARM 2021 PDF
Towards Privacy-Preserving Classification-as-a-Service for DGA Detection Arthur Drichel (RWTH), Mehdi Akbari Gurabi (FIT), Tim Amelung (RWTH), Ulrike Meyer (RWTH) PST 2021 PDF