A networking event between the consortia of SAPPAN and SOCCRATES was held on the 21st of January at F-Secure’s headquarter in Helsinki. SOCCRATES is another EU H2020 funded project which has a close synergy with SAPPAN. F-Secure is a consortium member of both projects. The event was held during the SAPPAN internal ML-Focused Workshop which was held from 20th to 21st of January 2020. Around 35 members of SAPPAN and SOCCRATES participated in this event, coming from different research institutes and industry partners.

The event agenda was:
Introduction of SOCCRATES: insight, roadmap, and goals
Introduction of SAPPAN: insight, roadmap, and goals
Brief introduction of each (SAPPAN / SOCCRATES) project partner

The meeting continued by a discussion on the assessment of cooperation and collaboration between these two EU H2020 projects with strong synergy. These discussions lead to an agreement on having a joint workshop. Further information about the workshop will be announced later.

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