Call For Papers: 3rd International Workshop on Next Generation Security Operations Centers (NG-SOC 2021)

NG-SOC 2021 which is held in conjunction with the ARES 2021 Conference and takes place on August 17th, 2021 in Vienna, Austria is calling for papers.
It is organized by two H2020 projects SOCCRATES and SAPPAN.

Deadline: April 30, 2021 May 7, 2021

Author Notification: May 31, 2021
Proceedings Version: June 13, 2021

ARES EU Symposium: August 17, 2021

Conference: August 17 – August 20, 2021

Organisations in Europe face the difficult task of detecting and responding to increasing numbers of cyber-attacks and threats, given that their own ICT infrastructures are complex, constantly changing (e.g. by the introduction of new technologies) and there is a shortage of qualified cybersecurity experts. There is a great need to drastically reduce the time to detect and respond to cyber-attacks. A key means for organizations to stay ahead of the threat is through the establishment of a Security Operations Center (SOC). The primary purpose of a SOC is to monitor, assess and defend the information assets of an enterprise, both on a technical and organizational level. 

The aim of this workshop is to create a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss the challenges associated with SOC operations and focus on research contributions that can be applied to address these challenges.

We welcome submissions addressing the important challenges associated with tasks performed at SOCs.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Collaborative Incident Response and Recovery
  2. Machine Learning for Security and Privacy
  3. Intrusion Detection
  4. Network Security
  5. Standardization and Sharing of Cybersecurity Knowledge
  6. Endpoint Security
  7. Privacy Aspects of Sharing in Cybersecurity 
  8. Cyber Threat Intelligence Utilization
  9. Situation Awareness and Decision Support Tools for SOC
  10. Novel Visualization Tools and Approaches for SOC
  11. Security of Machine Learning 
  12. Attacks against Deep Learning (e.g. Adversarial Examples)
  13. Malware Identification and Analysis
  14. Vulnerability Discovery
  15. Digital Forensics and Attack Attribution
  16. Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Security
  17. Threat Trend Modelling and Prediction
  18. Attack and Defence Modelling
  19. Host Behaviour Profiling 
  20. User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)
  21. Advanced Persistent Threat Detection and Analysis
  22. Security Event Fusion, Correlation and Severity Analysis


Submission Guidelines


The submission guidelines are the same as for the ARES conference. They can be found at here.
We are soliciting 6-8 page workshop papers.


ARES 2021 (including workshops) is published by the International Conference Proceedings Series published by ACM (ACM ICPS).
Authors of selected papers that are accepted by and presented at the ARES Conference
(including workshops) will be invited to submit an extended version to special issues of international journals.

Workshop Organisers


Irina Chiscop, TNO, Netherlands 

Tomas Jirsik, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic 

Avikarsha Mandal, Fraunhofer FIT, Aachen, Germany 

Ewa Piatkowska, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

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